The Carlton Hotel- A Home Away from Home


Do you need a weekend getaway from your life and your home? The Carlton hotel might just be the escape you are looking for. Luxurious accommodations and exemplary service are just a few of the reasons why travelers choose to come and stay at the Carlton.

Many people come to this hotel as a way to take a breakfrom their busy lives. Perhaps bathroom renovations are making their home unlivable for awhile. While these renovations continue, why not choose to stay somewhere you can be in comfort? Perhaps you cannot stay for the entire project’s duration, but a little getaway may be what you need to return some normalcy to your life.

The Carlton offers a luxury experience at an affordable price. Guests can choose from a variety of accommodations that suit their price points and their party size. From small, private rooms to large and expansive suites, the hotel can accommodate guests no matter what their needs are.

images1This hotel is also one of the most secure facilities of its kind. 24-hour parking lot surveillance and state-of-the-art room keys ensure that guests and their belongings are protected and kept secure. All the staff is trained on security procedures and is carefully chosen to ensure that they are trustworthy and that they put the needs of the guests first.

The Carlton also has many modern amenities that world travellers have come to expect form a first-rate hotel. These include room service, a variety of entertainment options, physical recreation facilities, and modern furnishing that give the hotel a touch of class and sophistication. And all of this is offered at the Carlton’s competitive rates. There is a reason this hotel constantly ranks among the top choices for people who desire comfort while they are vacationing and working.…

The Difference a Well-Managed Hotel Makes


Most people have visited a hotel that doesn’t live up to theirexpectations or that just completely disgusts them. These are hotels with dirty rooms, insufficient staff, and poor maintenance.

But the Carlton Hotel is different. This chain of prestigious hotels is located throughout Australia, and it offers a fine lodging experience for each and every customer.

The staff ensures that every room is spotlessly cleaned before, during and after each visit. Every last inch of the room is vacuumed and freshened. Nothing is left to chance. Even the most out of the way corners are cleaned with robotic vacuum cleaner and other cleaning equipment. The staff ensures that each room a guest uses feels like it was never used before.

The hotel only uses the safest cleaners to make certain that guests enjoy a fresh but gentle experience. All shampoos, soaps and other complimentary items are handpicked to ensure that the do not trigger allergic reactions. The management creates an atmosphere that is suitable for people of all types.

images1And at the Carlton, guests aren’t expected to pay for the most expensive rooms to enjoy the best the hotel has to offer. Every guest is afforded the same level of service and comfort, no matter which room they choose. Every guest is treated with the same amount of respect and care, and their needs, safety and comfort are the hotel staff’s top concerns.

The staff and management are dedicated to the safety of the guests. This means that all room cards are kept secure. All relevant hallways and much of the parking lot are monitored by security cameras. And the hotel is constantly inspected for adherence to the highest safety standards.

All of this is to ensure that guests can rest easy knowing they are being taken care of.…

Make the Most of your Australian Vacation


Your vacation in Australia could be a great one, but you are going to have to do a little preparation to make it pleasant. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Choose the Right Hotel

You want to ensure that wherever you stay is someplace you will be happy with. You might consider one of the highest-rated hotels in Australia- the Carlton. This hotel chain is constantly recommended by guests and frequent travelers. Theylove the elegant atmosphere and the friendly service of the place.

There are cheaper hotels, but your hotel is the last placeyou want to skimp on your vacation. Trying to save a little money on a hotel could give you an unpleasant vacation, but if you stay at the Carlton, you are sure to have a great time. You will be well taken care of and be able to better enjoy the rest of your vacation.

Prepare Transport

If you are constantly having to figure out where you are and where you are going, you might end up wasting half your vacation just looking for where you want you go. But if you take a chauffeured car you can have the privacy of your own vehicle with the convenience of not having to wonder how to get to your destination. Chauffeured cars will be the most efficient way to visit the sights you want to see and make the most of your vacation.

Prepare Your Finances

images1If you are travelingintoAustraliafrom another country, you will want to ensure that you have money set aside for your vacation. But besides just having money to enjoy your vacation, you may also want to ensure that you can access your money from your vacation destination.

You should talk to your bank ahead of time to ensure that they knew where you are going to be. Make certain that you will be able to use your bank cards and credit cards there. You may also want to convert some of your cash into the local currency before you enter the country. You never know how soon you will need to spend it, so you want to have it on hand, just in case.…

The Exceptional Services of the Carlton


The Carlton Hotel is not like most of the other hotels out there. The aim of the hotel chain is not to simply provide a place for people to stay the night during their vacations and travels. It’s about much more than that.

Why the Hotel Provides Superior Service

The mantra the staff is often taught is that they are to provide the kind of luxurious experience that makes guests want to stay in the hotel rather than go out and see the rest of the city. A truly great hotel is not one that simply provides a resting place but that proves to be even more enjoyable and pleasant than anything else the guests’ travel might contain.


The finest craftsmen don’t toil away for hours to create something that is simply functional. The finest tree service professionals do not work to simply remove trees. They attempt to beautify and preserve the surrounding area. And as the best tree services go the extra mile, so too do the services at the Carlton Hotel. The staff ensures that everything is just right, keeping the rooms spotless and providing exceptional service at every turn.

Their services go beyond accommodating the guests’ comfort- they also offer security and peace of mind. The rooms are all kept secure through a card reader system that is difficult to bypass. And the parking lot is monitored 24 hours a day by security cameras. Guests are able to sleep more peacefully knowing that their belongings and their personal safety are being taken care of.

Service at the Next Level

Where many hotels seek to do just enough to warrant the prices they implement, The Carlton is always looking to go above and beyond. And yet their prices are still competitive and fair, giving their customers more than they paid for. The Carlton is not the most expensive hotel in the country, but the staff still treats each guest as though they booked a presidential suite. This dedication to exemplary service is what has made them stand out from their competition and what continues to make the hotel chain a remarkable place to stay for anyone who visits.

And while any other hotels work hard to compete with each other by offering discount rooms and services, the Carlton impresses by always providing the very best in service. Guests can find hotels that charge them pitifully low prices for their rooms, but if their service was awful and their room was disappointing, it wouldn’t be worth the savings to most of them. People go to hotels to be treated well and to enjoy something that is a step or two above what they are used to. And the Carlton realizes that and provides that for them.…

Choosing the Right Hotel for an Australian Vacation


If you are preparing for your vacation in a major Australian city, then you need to take sometime to choose the right accommodations. No one wants to reserve ahotel room then walk into their room to find that they hate it. That’s why you should plan your hotel room in advance, ensuring you will be satisfied with the accommodations.


Picking a Respected Establishment

You have a lot of choices for hotel accommodations in many major Australian cities. Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and others all have multiple hotels to choose from. Not all of them may be to your liking, however.

You may want to look for a hotel that is part of a large chain- a respected series of accommodations that continually receive high ratings. The Carlton hotels are one such chain of hotels. They are known for their quality and fine service as well as their reasonable prices.
Why Choosing the Right Hotel is Important

You could of course opt to just drive into the city of your choice and look for a hotel. But then you don’t know what you are getting into. You could encounter exorbitant prices, poor service and disappointing accommodations. It the same as when you would choose a way to lose weight. You don’t want to just go with any dietary supplement and hope for the best. You could end up with some unpleasant side effects. But when you choose something like Garcinia, you know what what you are getting is scientifically rested and proven to work.

The Carlton hotels hold the same reputation- they are famously elegant, but they always have competitive prices. You can get great deals on comfy rooms during off seasons and find a room that is to your liking without any trouble there.

People who plan ahead and choose their hotel carefully tend to have a much better vacation. They sleep more soundly, they are less irritable, and they are not worried about getting taken advantage of in other places along the way. That is the comfort and peace of mind that a great hotel gives you; and it’s worth taking the time to plan your stay at a great hotel.


Reputation of the Carlton Hotels



The Carlton hotels have a certain reputation to them. They are not known as the fanciest or the most expensive hotels, but they are known for offering real value to their customers.

Their guests compliment them on the services they were given and the accommodations they received. This is because the Carlton is known for making the most out of what it has available and giving a luxurious experience to its guests at an affordable price.

Family Experiences

The Carlton is designed to accommodate parties of guests of all sizes. From single guests to large families, there are rooms that will be perfect for each of them. The families appreciate the roominess of the larger rooms and the option to have adjoining rooms. This lets mom and dad stay in their own room and have some peace and quiet, but also know that the kids are just on the other side of their door, sleeping soundly.

Families also appreciate the number of entertainment options available. So even if the weather is bad and they cannot go out and see the sites they came for, they can find plenty to do inside the hotel.

Business Accommodations

The Carlton is also great for those on business trips. When you are travelling on business, you want a hotel that gives you comfortable accommodations and a restful night’s sleep. The Carlton does that and more, offering a wakeup call, a continental breakfast and a host of services to make your stay more pleasant. It’s everything busy people need to get the rest they want and the stay the will be satisfied with to make their trip an enjoyable one.

Even when the business meeting is a boring or tedious affair, at least they know the accommodations will be nice. You may come for your meeting discussing the converting of your business to solar power. But solar power will be the last thing on your mind when you take a dip in the hotel pool or settle in to sleep on one of the comfy beds.

No matter what guests have come to the Carlton for, they remember their experience their and often decide to come back to the same place next time. They appreciate the value being offered and the services provided.…

The Carlton Is Perfect for Visitors of All Kinds


The Carlton Hotel is situated quite close to numerous Sydney attractions. That makes it a great place for travellers, vacationers and business people to stay.

Those looking to see the sites will enjoy the shuttle service provided by the hotel. Maps of Sydney are available at the hotel, so even if they did not plan ahead, they can still make arrangements to see all the great sights of the city.

Those on holiday will enjoy the luxurious accommodations and the varied price points of the rooms. There are hotel rooms available for families, couples or single guests, each with a variety of options. The hotel is close enough to many of the famous Sydney landmarks that travelling with a family is easy enough. Guests could just leave their cars at home behind the garage doors and enjoy the many travel options available in the city, including the free tour bus. With all the travel methods available in Sydney, guests will be glad they left their cars locked in their garage doors and experienced the variety of ways to travel for themselves.

And business people, who come to the hotel for work meetings and conferences, will enjoy the comfortable accommodations, the extravagant room service and the ability to be taken to and from their airport and the hotel via the shuttle service.

The hotel has a complete dining room that serves a continental breakfast, and each of the rooms is outfitted with a tea and coffee-making station. So while visitors can get their meals around Sydney, they can cap off their nights and start off their days right at the hotel with ease.

The Carlton Hotel in Sydney is designed for comfort and luxury, but at a price that won’t break a guest’s budget. While there are certainly other options available for visitors to the city, few offer as much value for their money as the Carlton does.…